Why tea is one of the best gifts you can give

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In hot water, why choosing the right gift is key!

   There are few things in life that are as fulfilling as getting a gift for a friend, family member, or loved one. That look on their face when they ohhh its something lame and forgettable...thanks. If you have ever given or even received a gift and had a reaction like this, there is a problem! Many have experienced the awkward feeling and equally awkward situation of getting someone a gift they didn't want, didn't like, or just plain weren’t interested in. 

    And the times this has happened have probably made you reconsider your gift-giving strategies! Or at least the gifts you have in mind. But why not avoid any awkward or unpleasant gift exchanges altogether? Why not give your friends, family, colleagues, loved ones, or associates a gift they will never forget but will undoubtedly want more and more of? Why not the gift of tea? Here at Gardenika tea, we just so happen to have the perfect tea gifts in mind for anyone and any occasion. From solo blends to whole gift packs like our Caffeine and Herbal Sets. And each variety comes in either a reusable cotton drawstring bag or in an ornate vegan leather gift box. But what are some good reasons to choose tea as your next present of choice? And why should you choose our tea? 


But why tea?

    For starters, tea is delicious! But of course, there are more reasons than that. Tea makes for a great gift because it has a long shelf life. There is no pressure for your recipient to use their item within a certain amount of time. So they can cherish your gift for a while and serve or brew it only on special occasions. Many of our tea blends provide specialized healing experiences for when one has a cough, cold, or other irregular feeling or ailment. So your recipient can relish their tea on days when they feel under the weather. And they will certainly thank you immensely for it!

   Tea is also a unique gift to give to a friend, family member, colleague, or loved one. While cliché gift ideas abound, like the ubiquitous mug, tea, on the other hand, is a truly thoughtful and unique gift to give. Especially with our exclusive catalog of teas to choose from. You can select a tea that is perfectly suited to your recipient and will make them feel cared for. And as for that lame mug gift idea? Well, now it becomes far less lame when you gift them some tea because now they can enjoy tea from their mug! This makes tea and tea sampler packs an excellent gift idea for birthdays or holiday parties where gift exchanges abound. There will probably be a few mugs as gifts, and so why not enhance the mugs with a gift of superb tea? And from our herbal and decaf sampler gift sets to our organic tea sampler, each variety pack comes with a cotton drawstring bag or in a vegan leather gift box.

   And of course, to reiterate, tea is delicious! From the scent of the dried leaves and blend ingredients to the first soothing plume of tea aroma when the hot water hits the tea in your pot. Tea can be bonded over as you, and loved ones sit and wait for the water to boil, the tea to steep, and finish your cups together. Tea can promote good health, and the flavor and aroma can help to nurture and balance our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. Featuring delicious herbs and spices that will make your gift an unforgettable one.

Garden Organika Tea Set in the Box

 Why Gardenika tea?

    If you would like to choose a tea to give as a gift, then our tea is a perfect choice to provide for your tea needs! We offer a wide variety of delicious and healthy tea blends. Each one is unique, tasty and has something amazing to bring to the table in regards to health and wellness, and your gift recipient will also get a great reusable cotton drawstring bag or a unique and cruelty-free vegan leather gift box in addition to a wisely selected variety of tea.

   Gardenika’s teas are all blended with all-natural ingredients and taste incredible. Our philosophy is to prepare tea blends that enrich the mind, the body, and the spirit, so any tea drinker, from the experienced tea master to the tea novice, will love our one-of-a-kind blends and flavors. What’s more, is that we also have an uplifting selection of fantastic gift sets to choose from. Variety packs and assorted items that make for amazing gifts that your recipients will thoroughly enjoy from the moment they open their gift set to the last brewing of their tea blends!

   All of our teas are all specially prepared by seasoned to tea masters to create only the most soothing and tranquil of blends. Promoting proper health and healing drawing from ancient medicinal and healing traditions is Gardenika's specialty. We provide tea, tea blends, gift packs, and samplers that will balance the mind, body, and spirit like no other tea can.


Give the gift of tea.

   Whether it is for a holiday, birthdays, graduations, promotions, or even to show you care, tea is a fantastic gift to give. And tea that is ideal for every member of the family and then some! So come and explore the healing world of our teas, and you may just end up grabbing some tea blends as a gift for yourself! Happy brewing. 

Twinings Wellness and Immunity Tea

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